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Lucius finds himself delighted with his and Depravity’s offspring. She’s powerful, beautiful, and filled with fun desires for her demonic fathers. But the vampire king, Sebastian, is also a creature of the profane and enamored by what is not his.

Fiona is really enjoying dogs AND a little extra.

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Isabella is on vacation with her family when a random boy picks her up at the beach. She is completely willing to give him a blowjob and perhaps a lot more.

"A Son and his friend see his mother having sex with two men in her living room.

A young man so desperate to become a rock star, he will sacrifice everything.

Wilful Cassie parties the night away. When she gets bored she demands her father's Butler comes to collect her, the rest as they say is history

There is an alternative way for a potential lesbian to have good fucking sex and yet not eating any pussies

Iona is a priestess, when her temple was conquered by Chieftain Helga, who ravages and coerces Iona into a submissive sex slave